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Personal Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant
in New Canaan, CT

Here are the steps to a new closet & a new you:

No more running around all day in your workout clothes. No more wearing the same basic suits and blouses to the office every single day of the week. No more worrying about what to wear for that very special occasion.

A wardrobe update from your clothing curator in New Canaan, CT, Closet Curator, will help you to define your everyday style.
We work with you as your clothing curator to create a look that is your own so that you will never look at your closet the same way again.
With just a few changes here and there by your new clothing curator, people will think you've had a complete image makeover.

Create your personal style by getting help with your wardrobe from your clothing curator in New Canaan, CT, or in New York City.
Or anywhere that you need us.

Closet Assessment

Before your first clothing curator visit with Closet Curator, we suggest that our clients divide their clothing into 3 categories:

  • The "GO TO" items that you wear every day
  • The items you are pretty sure are "over"; that you think are ready to be donated
  • The items that you like but don't know how to incorporate into an outfit

Working with the clothing in these three categories, we curate the clothing items in your closet. We may save select pieces and style them differently or suggest you get them altered by a tailor. We may validate your hunch that certain things are ready for the give-away pile. We then mix and match and recreate so you end up with a wardrobe that works ideally for you.

Simultaneously, we create a list of key items that are missing from your wardrobe so you will know what you need to complete your wardrobe.

Which brings us to...

Clothing Curator in New Canaan, CT

Clothing Curator in New Canaan, CT

Pre-Shopping and Shopping Excursions for Your Seasonal Wardrobe

After consulting with you about your shopping list, your budget, and your availability, Closet Curator "pre-shops" for your new clothing as your personal shopper. We first visit the stores alone to see what they have to offer and find the items on your personal shopping list. Items that we think will work for you are placed on hold.

Then we take you to those same stores to try on what we've selected. Our goal is to expedite the process, get you outfitted with what you need, and make the shopping experience as pleasant and successful as possible. We also strive to give you a modern and personal look at an affordable price.

And we mean it when we say affordable. We can shop within any budget!

The Look Book

Once we have collected (aka purchased) all of the "missing" pieces, we go back to your closet and take photos of each item in your closet; from tops to bottoms and from jewelry to shoes. Closet Curator then produces your personal LOOK BOOK, combining the component pieces in your wardrobe into complete and stylish outfits. Once it's done, we email you an electronic link to your LOOK BOOK that only you (and we) can see. The composite photos in your LOOK BOOK are captioned with reminders and suggestions for how to wear the outfits. The photos serve as an every day reference that you can scroll through each morning...
or whenever you need help deciding what to wear.

Other Ways We Can Help

Call on us if you need a creative and unusual gift. 
If someone in your life needs help with his/her wardrobe, our services make a great gift for:
Mother's Day • Father's Day • Anniversary • Post-Pregnancy • Post-Weight Loss • College Graduation • Birthday • Valentine's Day

Travel, Events, Post Pregnancy

Do you get overwhelmed when you need to fit everything into a carry-on bag for air travel? Do you have a special occasion coming up? Looking for or starting a new job? Have you had a baby (or more than one) and haven't evaluated your wardrobe in years? 
Do you want to look your best while feeling like yourself? 
Closet Curator will help you find the perfect outfit(s) for all of those situations.
Help with Efficient Packing for Travel (Vacation or Business) • Post-Pregnancy Wardrobe Overhaul • Job Interviews • Wedding Weekends (for you and for the entire wedding party) • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Weekends • Or For Any Special Occasion

Workshops and Shopping Parties

Do you want to spend a special evening with your friends, doing something fun and different? 
Closet Curator will organize a shopping party for you and a small group of your friends as your personal shoppers. Together we'll head to your favorite store and within a pre-set budget, work with you to find you and each of your friends 
a new head-to-toe fully styled outfit in the pre-determined price range.
Are you searching for an unusual programming idea for your favorite organization? 
Closet Curator hosts live demonstrations, participatory workshops and individual presentations to share advice about personal style 
and how to dress your best every day.

Charges and Fees Are Available On Request.