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Susan O. Singer is a Clothing Curator in New Canaan, CT

Susan O. Singer
Founder & CEO

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New Canaan, CT

Ensure you look and feel your absolute best with our clothing curator in New Canaan, CT. We help you define your style and feel good about it. Learn more about what others have said about our personal stylist services down below.

“Susan is warm and chatty, bringing a wealth of experience to her clients. She’s a practical stylist who’s good at creating lemonade from the lemons in your closet.”

Stacy London from TLC TV’s What Not To Wear, TLC’s Love Lust or Run, and Style for Hire, a personal styling company.

A Note from Stacy London

I never knew shopping could be so much fun! I have always found it to be overwhelming and unpleasant; so much so that I end up either with clothes that don't fit me, or the proverbial "nothing to wear". But Susan made shopping incredibly fun and our recent outing was very successful!  I spent a wonderful afternoon shopping with Susan for my summer wardrobe. I can't believe that I found 16 items that I love and that will work beautifully together in dozens of combinations! Susan has impeccable taste, endless patience and an incredible knowledge of how to pull together an outfit. She found so many clothes that look terrific on me and I trust her judgment implicitly.  Without her support, I would still be wearing my same old clothes that are outdated and unflattering. Susan even saved me money because everything I bought fits so well that nothing needs to be tailored.  I can't wait to see my friends' reactions when they see "the new me"! I wouldn't be surprised if Susan ends up with her own TV show! She's a kinder, gentler version of Stacey and Clinton on television's "What Not to Wear". I am definitely going to hire Susan again to take me shopping for my Fall wardrobe!

J. from Wilton, Connecticut

Susan gets me so jazzed. It is just great!  She gives me such a boost.  I have always loved clothes, but Susan gives me that extra confidence in putting together an outfit and she makes it all so much fun. After a seasonal closet consultation with Susan, I find dressing is an exhilarating game, i.e. let's see what I can create today!  I actually look forward to getting dressed.  My older clothes seem new when combined in a contemporary manner that I have learned from Susan.  Sometimes it's the smallest new touch or the surprising color combination that makes the outfit pop.  It gives me confidence throughout the day knowing that I look put-together in a way that is modern, that is right for my body, and that expresses my personality.  Then when the compliments start coming my way, it is just the best feeling.  What fun!

- E. from New Canaan, Connecticut

Susan- Wow! I will say, and you can quote me, that your services are life altering. I feel so good about getting rid of so many things and donating them, and making so much room in my closet. It is a win-win! My closet makes me smile now. I tell everyone I meet that my experience with you has really changed and improved my life. I am wearing more of my clothes more often and dressing up more and feeling good about it!! I think of you every day when I get dressed! Thank you!

- R. from Stamford, Connecticut

I recently had the great pleasure of working with Susan Singer. I've been a stay at home mom for the past 7 years and my closet consists of shabby workout clothes, old  ill-fitting professional wear and casual clothes in desperate need of updating. Susan helped me pick out a great versatile dress for a party I'm attending and showed me how to dress it up and down. We picked out shoes and accessories to complete the look. We talked about age appropriate trends, building a wardrobe with classic pieces and color palates that work best for me. Shopping with Susan was like being with a best friend who gave a honest opinion and offered alternatives to help me achieve the look I'm going for, for when jeans don't look just right! I immensely enjoyed my time and plan on hiring her again to help with my winter wardrobe! 

- E. from Fairfield, Connecticut